Albertsons… Likely the Biggest Grocer in America.. The Supermarkets were doing something Right Lately though… in USA the .99 Cent stores and Walmart have really put the Squeeze on the Traditional Grocery Store and The Stock is Very Depleated etc. All of that aside it is pretty much still the way we but our food in America. After making many trips to the Netherlands and seeing all the differences in not only the size of the store but the Diif selection, Prices etc etc it really got me to thinking and i made a video in Holland to show Shopping there at the Albert Hein Market….So why not Albertsons in California..;-) Well really though i ended getting an awaful lot of requests from Europe to show a Store here in the States so here you go! Pretty Random and Likely Boring for most but it is one of the 2 I will be uploading today.. Make sure and check Back Tonight You wont Believe the 94k Orig Mile Mercedes Benz I am Uploading around 8:00pm ..;-)

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