The first part of today’s video is a big shout out to my subscribers and other channels that have helped grow my channel. Last, there is an uprising that is occurring here in China towards Western media. You’ll be surprised who it is.
the Jayoe Nation:
Reporterfy Media – Alex:
Alex Absolute:
Gweilo 60:
This is China:
Barrett Channel:
Daniel Dumbrill:
Blondie in China:

Below I’ve listed the filming equipment used during this episode. Feel free to check out the Amazon links below. I’m paid a small commission on any product purchased through these links. Your consideration is much appreciated.

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Amazon Affiliate link for Rode Wireless Microphone:

Amazon Affiliate link for Joby Spider Tri-pod:

Amazon Affiliate link for Rode smartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone:

Amazon Affiliate link for Apollo twin audio interface:

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If you like the music used through-out the videos please use the provided link to check out Epidemic Sound:
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