Emergency and disaster management briefing for January 12, 2022: A turbine collapse prompts TransAlta to replace 50 foundations in New Brunswick, Canada; the Navy is working to comply with state officials regarding the Red Hill Shaft well in Oahu; lithium harvesting may provide a boost to the Salton Sea region in California; a strong magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck in the Northern Pacific just off the coast of Alaska; the NWS rated the early Sunday morning tornado in Alabama as an EF-2; a passenger caused extensive damage to cockpit flight controls on an American Airlines plane; officials say there is extensive infrastructure damage in Fiji after Tropical Cyclone Cody; and applications are being accepted for CalFire’s Camp Cinder, a free camp for future female firefighters.

1. Design flaws were allegedly the cause of a wind turbine collapse in October in Canada. TransAlta Renewables, Inc., is now set to replace the foundations at the two sites in Kent Hills, New Brunswick. The company said the replacement for the 50 foundations will cost an estimated $59 to $79 million with a loss of about $2.7 million a month in revenue while the turbines are shut down.

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