Italy has reported the highest one-day death toll from Coronavirus than any other country. Officials said nearly 500 people died on Wednesday. Videos posted on social media are said to show military trucks in the city of Bergamo preparing to transport the dead to nearby cities. Mortuaries and crematoriums in Bergamo have run out of space. Medical teams from China have arrived to help authorities fight the virus.
It could be a major turning point in the drive to contain the coronavirus: On Wednesday, China, the epicenter of the original outbreak, reported no new local cases of the infection for first time since it began recording them in January. However, there were 34 new infections imported from abroad, which threatens the progress China has made. Beijing imposed stringent restrictions on travel and movement in an attempt to prevent the virus from spreading. The total number of confirmed coronavirus infections in mainland China stands at almost 81-thousand.
Some other corona-related developments around the world:
– New Zealand and Australia are closing their borders to non-residents and non citizens, to protect their nations from the virus.
– Japan’s deputy prime minister says holding the Summer Olympics would make ‘no sense’ if countries can’t send athletes. But the government says it is still working to hold the Games as scheduled.
– France has reported another spike in coronavirus deaths – its death toll jumped by 89 to 264 people on Wednesday.
– Russia has confirmed its first death. The patient was a 79 year old woman who died in Moscow from pneumonia.

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