My boyfriend Nathan (who is English) has joined me for a discussion comparing & contrasting the US and the UK. enjoy!! // Start learning a new language today with Babbel! Sign up today and get 50% off in 6 months: . . Thank you so much to Babbel for sponsoring this video.

0:00 – intro
1:24 – shout out to Babbel
2:53 – American English vs British English
7:35 – regional accents
11:42 – what is American culture?
13:03 – UK culture & (some) traditions
16:04 – American food vs British food
19:40 – tea vs coffee
21:28 – the college / university experience
25:37 – American humor vs British humour
29:09 – the Royal Family
32:56 – US vs UK politics
38:32 – healthcare (NHS vs American private insurance)

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