No one is born a star.

Fashion designer Halston, née Roy Halston Frowick, had to work hard to become an icon, and Ewan McGregor was tasked to transform into the legendary tortured artist for Ryan Murphy‘s Halston

Thanks to a new featurette, exclusive to E! News, fans can further understand just how much the cast and crew dove into the world of ’70s glam to capture Halston’s seemingly effortless ensembles.  

“For those people who don’t know who Halston was, he was as famous as you could be in his day,” McGregor explained of his character. “He was leading the American fashion world, and he became a brand.”

The secret to embodying Halston started with the wardrobe, as styled by costume designer Jeriana San Juan. “I was not only designing [McGregor] as a character but on some level I was advising with him on design,” San Juan exclusively told E! News

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