Jeffree Star is speaking out after he was hospitalized for injuries sustained during a car accident in Casper, Wyo.

On Friday, April 16, the YouTuber shared an update on his current condition to Twitter, writing, “This morning was one of the scariest moments of our entire lives.”

“I’m so grateful to be here still,” he continued. “I’m in excruciating pain because part of my back is broken and I have vertebrae fractures on my spine.”

Nonetheless, Jeffree said that he was assured by the doctors that he is going to “make a full recovery,” but it will take a few months. 

As for his friend, Daniel Lucas, who was a passenger in Jeffree’s vehicle, things are not looking as good. According to Jeffree, “My best friend Daniel has internal injuries and because he has survived colon cancer three times, he’s having complications with his organs and they’re monitoring him 24/7.”

“We’ll know more soon,” Jeffree promised.

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