Lili Reinhart‘s 2021 is off to a “bizarre” start.

There’s no denying the Riverdale star has a huge fan base. Just take one look at her Instagram, and you’ll notice she has more than 26 million followers. However, it appears one devotee has taken things to another level.

Case in point? On Friday, Jan 22, Seventeen Magazine issued an apology to the 24-year-old actress after they published an interview by someone pretending to be her.

“Today, we briefly published a story with information we were lead to believe was from Lili Reinhart. However, it was brought to our attention that the person who contacted us was, in fact, an impersonator and had no connection to the Riverdale star,” the publication said in a statement on Twitter. “We want to sincerely apologize to Lili and her fans for this unfortunate situation.”

“We reacted swiftly by removing the story from our site and regret the erroneous reporting,” the statement continued, “We take full responsibility and will be internally reviewing our editorial and fact-checking processes to ensure something like this does not happen again.”

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