Sky News US political commentator Joe Hockey says there is “no national coordination anymore in relation to how to manage the coronavirus” in the United States.

Mr Hockey told Sky News host Paul Murray the response not only comes down to individual states, but also individual cities, and warned although there is “no consistent wave” throughout the country, there will be “outbreaks everywhere” going into summer.

“People are going to travel, and it’s just going to swirl around the US community perhaps in a more virulent fashion”.

He pointed to what he called the ‘Sales Tax States,’ or states which have no income tax and therefore rely on sales taxes like Florida, Texas, and Washington who depend on retail among other sectors to provide revenue to the state.

“There’s been a lot of pressure on the state governments to open up their economy because they were running out of money, with no retail no money”.

“They opened up early now they’re getting a surge of coronavirus cases, particularly Florida”.

Image: AP



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