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Whole Foods Market is the quintessential organic grocery store chain — a place where you expect everything to be healthy and fresh, clean and open…and don’t forget expensive! But this organic behemoth had much humbler beginnings. Whole Foods started out with just 19 employees as a 1980s hippy-dippy health food store in Austin, TX. Now, it’s the biggest natural food market chain in the U.S. with over 460 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. So hold on to your pressed juice. Here’s the whole story…

Not so sustainable | 0:35
CEOh-no | 1:13
The up-sell | 2:26
Organic chain-gang? | 3:10
You’re not fooling anyone | 3:39
One strike and you’re out | 4:22
Fat and unhappy | 4:48
Dirty digs | 5:12
Whole Foods for life | 5:45

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