Trump also took issue with Redfield’s remarks to Congress suggesting that the U.S. general public likely wouldn’t have access to a coronavirus vaccine until next summer or fall.

“It’s just incorrect information,” Trump said. “When he said it, I believe he was confused. … It’s going to be a much faster distribution process.”

Trump told reporters that once the FDA approves a vaccine, his administration plans to distribute as many as 100 million doses by the end of the year, with health care workers and vulnerable populations getting prioritized, adding that the broader public would have access to the vaccine shortly after.

Redfield just hours earlier told the Senate Appropriations Committee it will take about six to nine months to get the American public vaccinated from the date a vaccine is approved.

Scott Atlas, who advises the president on the coronavirus, told reporters the administration estimates roughly 700 million vaccines could be distributed to the public by the end of March, offering a more optimistic timeline than Redfield. Most of the vaccines in development would require two doses per person.

The CDC released its ambitious plan on Wednesday to distribute and administer Covid-19 vaccines, involving HHS as well as the Defense Department. Doses could be available as early as November to specific populations, though final decisions on who will be prioritized will be made down the road. Atlas said minority populations and older adults would be among those groups.

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