Tensions are set to become inflamed between Washington and Beijing which simply denotes communist China must “come clean (and) admit the source of the virus” and allow an independent investigation to take place says Sky News host Chris Kenny.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has recently produced a scathing assessment of China and its questionable practices in the field of medical research, stating the communist superpower had a history of “infecting the world” and “running sub-standard laboratories”.

He also claimed there was a “significant amount of evidence” COVID-19 originated from a Chinese lab and not wet markets from Wuhan.

“We need more international pressure on China, and now in the US, the secretary of state has gone a step further than supporting an investigation,” Mr Kenny said.

Mr Kenny said China has engaged in “nasty, threatening and over the top reactions to all of this” as calls for an independent investigation into the pandemic continue to amplify.

Image: AP



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