Although senior military leaders including Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy have expressed openness to renaming the 10 Army bases and facilities named after Confederate military leaders, President Donald Trump has vocally opposed such revisions — even threatening last week to veto the NDAA if congressional lawmakers approve the measure with Warren’s amendment intact.

But Reed, a former Army Ranger who served in the 82nd Airborne Division, maintained Sunday that the naming of Army installations after Confederate figures “does not represent what I think should be consistent with our … honoring of American military heroes.”

“The factor I think that is important today is when you look at a post in the United States military, it is composed of men and women, it is composed of Americans of all different races,” he said. “It cannot be named, I think, for someone who basically pledged his service to a system that was based on slavery. That has to be changed, and we will.”

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