“Watch out world, I’m grown now.”

If you’re a fan of either Chloe x Halle or Grown-ish, you ought to recognize that lyric. After all, it is taken from the song “Grown,” featured on the sister act’s 2018 debut album The Kids Are Alright and used as the theme song for the Freeform comedy they’ve co-starred on for the last three seasons.

Though the line may be nothing new, after one listen to Chloe and Halle Bailey‘s new album, Ungodly Hour, you get the sense that it served as the LP’s central thesis; a mantra manifested over the course of 13 impeccably produced—usually by Chloe, who celebrates her 22nd birthday on July 1, herself—and performed tracks.

And as cliché as it may be to label something “the future of music,” it’s hard to argue against it being used while discussing the tight harmonies that earned the sisters the all-important Beyoncé co-sign that kick-started their career and the cohesive, highly-assured R&B sound that they’ve matured into.

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