A celebrity changing their hair color? Must be a day that end in Y.

Seriously, this week’s transformations were all about stars showing off new looks. Ashley Benson and Madonna took to Instagram to casually debut the same bold hue, while Alicia Keys revealed her “new side” when she took the stage at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards.

Plus, Sharon Osbourne was once again the talk of The Talk when she revealed yet another hair color on the CBS daytime show. Oh, and did we mention Reign Disick is rocking yet another new look since his buzzcut made headlines this summer?

Finally, Tina Lawson posted a selfie to praise her granddaughter Blue Ivy Carter‘s seriously impressive makeup skills. (When we were her age, we were over-applying icy blue eye shadow and Bonne Bell frosty pink lip gloss, so, yes, we are embarrassed and in awe.)

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