Rep. Kelly spoke exclusively with Erie News Now via zoom from the McAllen Bridge as soon as he completed the tour.  He said he has a greater appreciation for our federal employees at the border, but he still has big questions for the Biden administration. “Well I’ll tell you what I have a better grasp of the dedication of our folks at the Customs and Border Patrol, HHS and all these people I have a better control or idea on that,” Rep. Kelly said.  “What I don’t have is any clue going into the future what the current administration has got planned. We didn’t have this problem before, we have it now, at a change of administrations, the question is why, why, why did we do what we did, and why did we stop construction on the wall. We’ve seen that and we can’t for the life understand, the money that was already appropriated, contracts that were already given out, work that was in progress, on January 20th, all that stopped.” 

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